Facility Decommissioning

Manufacturing plants. Office buildings. Entire city blocks. When you’re looking for experienced professionals to help you prepare for modernization, refurbishment or decommissioning, the experts at MPS Group make it happen seamlessly.

Rising cost constraints and increasingly stringent guidelines have many companies rethinking their methods of refurbishing and decommissioning operations. Because of our in-depth experience, we’ve set new standards that make the process of decommissioning time efficient as well as cost effective.

Responding to your needs

MPS Group provides a highly professional, managed and innovative approach to decommissioning programs. Our Facility Decommissioning Services include:

Planning, Building and Equipment Dismantling
Site Preparation
Industrial and Commercial Strip-out Work
Selective Demolition
Lead Abatement
Asbestos Abatement
Total Cleaning
Asset Recovery
PCB Mitigation

Safety is critical

At MPS Group, we believe that employee safety is critical no matter what the project entails or where it’s located. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to safety that includes the development of robust health and safety plans as well as meticulous oversight and monitoring of all aspects of our safety program. MPS Group has a rigorous training program that provides our employees with the latest safety training materials, while reinforcing the highest level of training available. We are proud to consistently rank amongst the safest companies in our industry.