Environmental Services

MPS Group offers distinct, innovative, tested systems and processes to help you reach your environmental sustainability goals. These systems and processes introduce various greening programs and process improvement strategies to efficiently eliminate, reduce, re-use, recycle and dispose of all waste and by-products that are generated at your facilities, while minimizing your short-term risk and protecting your long-term liability. Our highly trained experts ensure that you’re in strict compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. And in partnership with you, we’re able to employ proven management techniques to seamlessly drive the most innovative, permanent improvements throughout your entire value chain.

Helping you clean up environmentally and financially.

MPS Group consistently provides year-over-year reductions in waste volumes and costs to each of our clients. We evaluate all aspects of our clients waste management program. We utilize our proven performance improvement planning process, waste process auditing program and our industry experience to identify and implement initiatives that result in lower costs, and as important, a more modern, efficient waste management program that permanently benefits our customers. Our program is data and goal driven, traceable, accountable and proactive in its application.

We utilize customized, next-generation computer software to track the creation and accumulation of program wastes and by-products, while identifying and optimizing trends for enhanced management.

When it comes to compliance, cost savings and waste reduction, your success is our success.

Our Environmental Services capabilities include:

Regulatory Compliance:
Expert Program Management
Risk Minimization
Proven Training Programs
Robust Compliance Audit Processes
Regulatory Reporting

Cost Management:
Year-Over-Year Cost Reduction
Flat Fee or Cost Per Unit Billing Structure
Cost Reduction Planning & Implementation
Continuously Measured & Documented
Stretch Reduction Targets & Objectives

Waste Reduction:
Green Program Development
Zero Landfill Mindset
Waste Process Mapping & Streamlining
L-Matrix Opportunity Assessment & Prioritizing
Cost Benefit Analysis
Regulatory Impact Assessment

Continuous Improvement:
ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
Disciplined Proactive Improvement Process
Best Practice Leveraging
Electronic Data Management & Reporting